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Opseu collective agreement appendix 46

The employer has proposed a wage freeze for the first two years of the agreement, followed by another two-year freeze unless money comes out of the contract somewhere else.

You have already been under a wage freeze for two years. That will add up to six years of zeroes. The price of gas, groceries, hydro, and other necessities rises every year.

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And you fall further behind. The employer has tabled a new start rate and a salary grid restructuring to 12 annual steps including a new entry level step for all employees at 5 per cent below the current minimum. What does this mean to you? In the last contract the employer demanded a 3 per cent lower start rate for new hires. This reduction affects all categories.

In addition, the employer is proposing a restructuring of wages to a step grid. This means that it will take employees 11 years to reach the same top level that now you reach in four or five. This is just a very clandestine way for the employer to take more money out of your pocket. You will get less, pay more, and get thrown out the door quicker if you are on LTIP.

Unfortunately, that would be vastly offset by:.

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There will be a reduction of your pension credits. There will be a reduction of your STSP credits. And then, you will also be subject to a mandatory rehabilitation plan not necessarily controlled by your primary physician.

Based on the language negotiated at the AMAPCEO table, the rehab plans would be controlled by an outside third party, such as the insurance carrier, who knows nothing about your work and cares even less. Under the proposal, you will lose money if you suffer from a workplace injury or occupational disease in which you are receiving WSIB benefits.

The employer wants to reduce your pay from per cent to 85 per cent for the first sixty-five 65 days following a workplace injury or occupational disease. The Ontario Government has mandatory laws to protect injured workers in the province. The catastrophic drug plan would have all members pay per cent of the premiums. However, the plan would only provide benefit to the small portion of the membership that is unfortunate enough to have to use it.

Our current plan has no threshold at the top end to cut off access like a catastrophic plan would. This is shifting costs of the benefit from the employer to the employee. You will pay for the premiums and the additional costs of the drug dispensing fees. The proposal would limit the accumulation of termination payments as of January 1st, upon retirement.Facebook Google Twitter. Password Hide. Remember me. I agree to the Terms.

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Please enter your email address. You will receive a link to create a new password. Toggle navigation. Embed Script. Size px x x x x Start Page 1. Reel Lee Subscribe 0. Reliance should only be placed on the actual text of the Collective Agreement.

This information shall be provided within 20 working days of the request. This information shall be provided within 20 twenty working days of the request. It is agreed that these rights are subject only to the provisions of this Central Collective Agreement and any other Collective Agreement to which the parties are subject.

Workplace harassment is engaging in a course of vexatious comment or conduct against an employee in the workplace that is known or ought reasonably to be known to be unwelcome. The amount so advised shall continue to be deducted until changed by a further written notice to the Employer signed by authorized officials of the Union. Notices of vacancies shall be posted either electronically or on bulletin boards and, upon request, shall be provided in large-sized print or braille where the posting location has the capacity to do so.

FXT, SE 6. The Employer in these circumstances is not required to post or advertise the vacancy or new position. Where the Employer uses this provision, it shall notify the Local Union President where the vacancy or new position exists, ten 10 working days prior to filling the vacancy or new position.

Where a position is posted within the Ontario Public Service, the internal notice of vacancy shall also state the work location where the position currently exists, that the position is represented by the Union and the particular bargaining unit which contains the position.

FXT 6. Where qualifications and ability are relatively equal, seniority shall be the deciding factor. FXT, SE 13 6. It is agreed that both the Employer and the Union shall co-operate to the fullest extent possible in the prevention of accidents and in the reasonable promotion of safety and health of all employees.

Where more than one such vacancy is available, the Employer shall assign the employee to the vacancy with the highest salary maximum. The assignment of a surplus employee to a vacancy, in accordance with Article 20 Employment Stabilityshall have priority over an assignment under Article 9.

The chair provided shall have a seat which is adjustable in height, a back rest which is adjustable in height, and a foot rest where necessary to accommodate a particular operator.Announcements Contact Us. Did you know. Education Health and Safety. Links U Need. Media Stories.

Extinguishment of Obligations Part 3 (2020)

Membership Meetings. Region 3 News. Search It is recognized that employees, the Union and the Centre wish to work together to secure the best possible care and health promotion for patients. Whenever the feminine pronoun is used in this Agreement, it includes the masculine pronoun and vice versa where the context so requires.

Where the singular is used, it may also be deemed to mean plural and vice versa. Full-time employees are employees engaged to fill a permanent position and regularly working the normal or standard work week averaged over a biweekly pay period. A Part-time employee is an employee who is regularly scheduled not more than A part-time employee is defined as an employee who makes a commitment to the Centre to be available for work on a predetermined basis as required by the Centre.

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Part-time PT employees are not guaranteed a specific number of shifts per pay period or per scheduling period. Once a Casual employee has been scheduled or called in under these provisions a Part-time employee may not displace them.

Casual employees who have not made themselves available for a six- 6 month calendar period may be terminated from employment from the Centre. They may be assigned either full-time or part-time hours as identified elsewhere in this Agreement.

Temporary employees regardless of hours worked will be paid the applicable wage and percentage in lieu of benefit payments as defined elsewhere in the agreement. Temporary employees are not eligible to apply for posted vacancies until they have completed at least six 6 months of their assignment. The termination of a temporary employee shall not be the subject of a grievance or arbitration.

A student is an employee occupying a student position during his regular school, college, or university vacation period or Student Employment Program, during his or her regular school, college or university session or vacation period or occupying a co-operative education student position under a co-operative education program.

Students shall not be used to fill bargaining unit vacancies or new bargaining unit positions. Interns shall not be used to fill bargaining unit vacancies or new bargaining unit positions. Internship positions shall not be subject to the job posting provisions. Once the internship placement ends, then employment is terminated. There shall be no verbal or written agreements with any employees, that are contrary to this Collective Agreement, without agreement with the Union.

Not withstanding the above, the Employer shall not exercise these rights in an arbitrary, discriminatory or bad faith manner.Memorial Hall. Click link to see the next GMM. Ministry of Finance.

Questions regarding FSCO.

opseu collective agreement appendix 46

Management has advised they are not aware of any decisions. The government is reviewing. There are currently no known impacts to OPSEU-represented employees as a result of this final report. The Province is committed to modernizing how financial services and pensions are regulated in Ontario.

In support of a new vision, the Minister of Finance has introduced legislation which if passed, would establish the initial parameters of a new regulator, the Financial Services Regulatory Authority FSRA. The Ministry has in turn created a new Financial Services Regulation Modernization Secretariat to manage the implementation of this complex and important initiative.

The Union has advised that it is fully prepared to engage in discussions with the Employer.

opseu collective agreement appendix 46

The union has asked to defer the FSRA item. The union enquired about whether the planned transition to FSRA is considered a sale of business and if successor rights would apply.

Management advised that once a decision has been made, the decision will be communicated to staff and disclosure would be provided to OPSEU in advance.

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Thank you and In Solidarity. Sent On behalf of the Region 5 Educational Committee. Gloria Marcos. Delta Toronto East. The employer offer, presented to union leadership on June 2, proposes wage and other improvements in four-year contracts that would expire December 31, for both the Unified and Correctional bargaining units.

Government officials had invited the union to an apparently routine meeting to discuss OPS bargaining. The rollover offer came as a surprise, given that preparations for a regular round of bargaining were well under way. OPSEU members across Ontario will have an opportunity to ask questions about both contract offers in telephone town halls to be held June 13, 14, and 15 from p. Further details are forthcoming. Poll locations for the June 20, 21, and 22 votes are being arranged and will be communicated shortly.

By holding the votes before the end of June, the union is ensuring that members can take immediate advantage of the first wage hike in the offers, scheduled for July 1, if the agreements are ratified.An Appendix D authorization must be raised any time that there is leave replacement, even if only for one day. In addition, there may be only one Appendix D employee replacing the absent full-time employee at any given time, and an Appendix D employee must not be used to staff a vacant position.

Appendix D employees must be paid on the full-time salary grid according to the classification of the person they are replacing. While the Appendix D may be started at any step within their payband at the discretion of the managerthey do have the ability to progress through the steps of their payband. Appendix D employees are subject to the payment of union dues. This site uses cookies to offer you a better browsing experience.

Find out more on how we use cookies and how you can change your settings. Site Index Maps. Overtime pay 1.

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Payment of regular wages for all statutory holidays, provided the employee works on the days immediately preceding and following the holiday. Payment of otherwise regular earnings during the holiday period of December 25 to January 1 inclusive.

The right to use the grievance process to uphold those entitlements listed in Appendix D only.The Employer maintains the discretion to approve the request. If your request is approved, a representative from your Ministry who has the delegated authority to approve Ministry surplus decisions will provide you with confirmation of the approval in writing.

The Voluntary Exit program allows regular, regular part-time and flexible part-time non-surplussed OPSEU-represented employees to register with the Employer to have their home position identified for targeted direct assignment matches for other employees who have been declared surplussed.

opseu collective agreement appendix 46

Where a match occurs, the Voluntary Exit registrant receives entitlements under Article The Transition Exit Initiative program allows regular, regular part-time and flexible part-time OPSEU-represented employees to volunteer to exit the Ontario Public Service, and there is no matching of positions required.

The value of the exit payments that are provided to employees approved to exit the Ontario Public Service under the Transition Exit Initiative differ from those provided to an employee who is surplussed. You may still apply and may be approved to exit under the OPSEU Transition Exit Initiative, but you will be volunteering to exit from the Ontario Public Service under your home position, not your temporary position. Continuance of salary plus benefits except STSP and LTIP for six 6 months commencing on your last day of work, plus one 1 week pay per year of continuous service; or.

Employees are responsible for indicating which exit payment option they prefer. The last day of work is negotiable between the employee and the home position manager. An employee approved to exit the Ontario Public Service under the Transition Exit Initiative, and who selects the salary continuance option i.

2013-2014 Opseu Collective Agreement Final

For clarity, the salary continuance option i. Search this site. Employee's Transition Exit Initiative. LocalMar 28,AM. How will I know if my request has been approved? Leaves 9. Payments Continuance of salary plus benefits except STSP and LTIP for six 6 months commencing on your last day of work, plus one 1 week pay per year of continuous service; or 3.

Termination Information will be added to this post as we find it. If you know of a local organization or resource offering support at this time, let us know at info opseu Learn more about and apply for financial supports for individuals, families, indigenous communities, students, youth, persons who are sick, quarantined, caring for the sick, or unable to work.

See CERB questions and answers for more info. It provides emergency financial assistance based on need, duration, and available budget. You must have signed and submitted your membership form to be a member in good standing. All other contracts with end dates after April 17 will be reviewed on a case by case basis prior to the expiration of the contract.

This article will be updated as information becomes available. This article was last updated on March 17 at pm. All campus buildings and learning hubs are closed as of pm on March 17, This closure will remain in effect until Sunday, April 5. Mohawk College will update the community by Thursday, April 2. Will part-time employees submit timesheets during the closure? Part-time employees should continue to submit their usual timesheets during this period and until further notice.

Hamilton Food Share — Find a food bank in Hamilton. Directory of Hamilton Community Services PDF — List of organizations assisting with addiction, mental health, youth programs, housing, and newcomer services.

Download application form.

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Read More. Paper timesheets will not be processed. Register for ePost to receive pay statements See instructions to join ePost Paper statements will not be mailed out at this time. Mohawk College Campus Closures This article will be updated as information becomes available.

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